June 24, 2019

Back-to-school buying guide: 6 must-have mobile accessories

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Whether you’re a college student packing for dorm life, a teenager who needs their phone to last from the morning bus stop until after-school activities, or a parent shuttling their kids around, smartphone accessories should be on your back-to-school list.

We’ve got the tech that will keep you charged up all school year long. Consider these scenarios:

Solve a college housing dilemma

If you’re a freshman living in on-campus dorms, good luck texting from the top bunk while charging your phone. What you’ll need is a longer cable. Ventev Mobility’s chargesync alloy 10-foot cables are durable and let you stay plugged-in no matter how far your bunk is from the outlet. They’re also available for USB-C devices.

In campus dorms and off-campus apartments sometimes you get stuck with only one or two power outlets per room. That’s not enough to support charging all your digital devices while also allowing space for plugging in lamps and a mini fridge. Try a multi-port charger like the USB charginghub rq600, which supports charging six devices at once. Or, if you and your roommate have phones that charge wirelessly, check out the wireless chargepad duo, a wireless charging pad with room for two devices.

Power through the school day

If you’re in high school or middle school, you’re probably familiar with the rule of keeping your phone in your bag or locker all day. But, how many of you are Snapchatting and Instagramming between classes or at lunch?

We know you’re using your phone all day (don’t worry, we won’t tell), but still need enough juice to call your parents to come pick you up after school. Want to make sure you can reach them after 4 pm? Grab a portable battery to recharge. Ventev Mobility’s powercell 3015c is a lightweight power pack with a built-in charging cable that delivers 10 more hours of video playback or internet surfing – plenty of battery to coordinate your ride home after soccer practice.

Navigate your kid’s after-school activities

For time-crunched parents that spend afternoons in an endless hustle between school pickups, music lessons, sports practices, tutors and more, the struggle is real.

Waze and other traffic apps can shave precious minutes off your drive time, but they can take a lot out of a phone battery.

Ventev Mobility’s dashmounts keep your phone at eye level, so GPS navigation is easy to see without taking your eyes off the road. We even have one that also keeps your phone charged despite the battery-hungry navigation apps you’re using.

If you have a phone that charges wirelessly, the wireless charging car kit cradles your phone in place while it charges without having to plug in. It also charges your phone fast enough that you can replenish your battery even while using GPS – something a lot of wireless car chargers still can’t do.

Keep your backpack organized and your phone charged

Reach into a backpack to grab a charger, and you’ll likely pull a long, tangled cord with it, unless you’re using one of Ventev Mobility’s chargesync alloy cables with a built-in cable tie. And what happens if you forget the charging cable? Or if you’re not near an outlet?

The powercell 6010+ is designed to cover all the bases. With folding AC prongs, it functions as both a wall charger and a 6,000 mAh portable battery that packs enough juice to fill most phones two times over. It also has a built-in Apple Lightning or USB-C charging cable that tucks neatly into a slot on the side, so you’ll never have to worry about tangled or forgotten cables.

So, are you ready for school? It might still be summer, but get your back-to-school shopping done now so you can relax and enjoy the remaining days of summer.


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