March 8, 2019

First Look: The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy S10

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It’s hard to know where to start with Samsung’s early-2019 new product announcement. Should we start with the biggest update to smartphone design in a decade? Or should we talk about the litany of firsts packed into the newest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy S line?

Oh heck. Let’s talk about all of it.

First up: The Samsung Galaxy Fold.

It’s hard to call this a smartphone, because this opens like a book to transform from a smartphone with a 4.6-inch display into a 7.3-inch tablet.

With a price tag of $1,980, the Galaxy Fold is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. But it’s also a sign of things to come. Another foldable phone, the Huawei Mate X, is waiting in the wings.

The Galaxy Fold has six cameras – one on the cover, two on the front, and three in the rear. Don’t ask which part of this phone is the front or the rear, just know that Galaxy Fold is designed so that you can snap a photo in any configuration.

There’s a lot of other cool features too, like an app continuity function that lets you continue right where you left off when you flip from phone to tablet mode, and a unique dual-battery (one on each side) with a combined 4,380 mAh capacity. It also supports fast wired and wireless charging via Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0, WPC, or PMA. Not to mention Samsung’s latest feature Wireless PowerShare, which allows device-to-device wireless charging by placing one compatible device on the other device’s back.

Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup

Which brings us to the Samsung Galaxy S10, the latest version of Samsung’s biggest seller. The company added four versions to this year’s line-up, starting with the budget-friendly Galaxy S10e, the standard S10, the just-barely-fits-in-your pocket S10+, and the S10 5G. That last one is compatible with ultra-fast 5G networks. It’s also loaded with features the other models are not.

The big feature on the Galaxy S10 is its screen, which Samsung is calling a Dynamic AMOLED display. Samsung says that it has dynamic tone mapping and a wider array of colors for more realistic picture and super bright colors, even in harsh sunlight.

Samsung has also done away with the dreaded notch, that tab that cuts into the screen at the top to make room for sensors and selfie cameras. The company has replaced it with what it calls the Infinity O-display, a precisely engineered hole packed with sensors to maximize the size of the phone screen.

And then there are the other cool features. The S10 also integrates Wireless PowerShare and the phones can be used as wireless chargers for the new Galaxy Buds and smartwatches. And it’s the first smartphone capable of shooting video in HDR 10+.

On the battery front, Samsung says it has developed a new power management technique. The S10’s will analyze the way you use your phone, and continually optimize its power usage to extend battery life. The company says the phone will last 25 percent longer than its predecessor, the Galaxy S9.

What to pair with the new Galaxy S10s

If you are in the market for any of Samsung’s new S10 phones, you’ll want to buy a fast charger for the office and car too. For the all of these phones, except the Galaxy S10 5G, look for products that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, like the wallport rq1300 when you need to plug in, or the dashport rq1300 for the car.

Unlike its siblings, the Galaxy S10 5G can charge at shockingly fast 25 watts. We’ll provide a recommendation for the best charger to pair with this phone after testing, so stay tuned!

Key specs:

Model Galaxy Fold Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10+ Galaxy S10 5G
Screen Size 4.6-inch (cover) / 7.3-inch (main) 5.8-inch 6.1-inch 6.4-inch 6.7-inch
Camera Cover: 10MP selfie;


Rear: 12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide-angle, 16MP Ultra Wide;


Front: 10MP Selfie,

8MP RGB Depth

Rear: 12MP Wide-angle, 16 MP Ultra Wide;


Front: 10MP Selfie

Rear: 12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide-angle, 16MP Ultra Wide;


Front: 10MP Selfie


12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide-angle, 16MP Ultra Wide;


Front: 10MP Selfie, 8MP RGB Depth


12MP Telephoto, 12MP Wide-angle, 16MP Ultra Wide;


Front: 10MP Selfie, 8MP RGB Depth

Battery 4,380 mAh 3,100 mAh 3,400 mAh 4,100 mAh 4,500 mAh
Ram / Storage 12GB / 512GB 6GB / 128GB; 8GB / 256GB 8GB / 128GB;

8GB / 512GB

8GB / 128GB;

8GB / 512GB; 12GB / 1TB

8GB / 256GB
Colors Blue, Green, Silver, Black Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, and Canary Yellow Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, and Prism Blue Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Ceramic Black, and Ceramic White TBA


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