January 7, 2019

Fresh from CES: Fast, stylish, and high-powered chargers

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We’re rolling into 2019 with a trip to CES in Las Vegas, where we’ll show off our latest and greatest. Get the first look at everything we’re releasing:

Wireless charging for all your devices

Leading Ventev’s wireless charging lineup are the wireless watchdock duo, which adds the Apple Watch’s in-box charger to its base so that it can fuel the watch and a phone at the same time. The wireless chargepad duo can charge two devices at once, delivering up to 10 watts to each device, meaning your devices will charge at their fastest possible rate. A soft, gray cloth cover makes sure this universal charger never looks out of place, whether it is on the nightstand, in the living room, or on the desk.

Stay charged on the road

For those that need to charge on the go, we’ve revamped the wireless car kit to make an already great product even better. Its responsive cradle enables effortless one-handed docking, but is strong enough to keep phones secure over the bumpiest of roads. Also for the car, check out the Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible dashport q1270, or the dashport pd1180 which support USB Power Delivery.

The fastest charge for home or office

Fast charging at home or work is super easy with the Qualcomm Quick Charge-enabled wallport q1270 which can charge your phone up to 50 percent in 15 short minutes. Our new USB Power Delivery compatible wallport pd1180 is ideal for iPhones (8 or later), Google phones, and iPad Pros.  

If you want to be the first to get your hands on these products (and save 15 percent), hop on over to www.ventev-ces.com.

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