July 11, 2018

How to stay charged at a music festival

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It’s summertime. That means it’s music festival season.

Whether you are hitting an EDM party in the desert, a rock concert on an old airfield, or a bluegrass festival in the mountains, these are the days that can turn phones into powerless bricks.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But festivals are tough on your smartphone battery.

Most of us barely make it through the door at the end of the day with 10 percent of battery left. And then comes festival day. You’re snapping pics, making videos, posting to social media, and hoping you still have enough power to grab a recording of the headlining act at the end of a long day.

Some have recommended a rather unorthodox strategy to combat phone battery drainage during a festival: buy a burner phone, like the Nokia 3310It features a battery that might last an entire weekend, simple features like call and text, and you won’t risk potential damage to your smartphone.

If you don’t want to go that far and can’t bear the thought of going without Instagram, we’ve got some strategies to help you stay charged while checking out your favorite music, new and old. With these tips, you’ll even have enough battery to post a video of the encore.

Arrange a meeting place ahead of time: What’s this have to do with conserving power on your phone? Simple. If you get separated from your friends, you are going to waste a ton of battery power looking for them. Trying to lead someone to your location at a festival is like an extended game of Marco Polo. You’re blind, guided only by the sound of someone’s voice, which, for whatever reason, keeps moving.

Put your phone in low-power mode: Your phone probably has a low-power mode that pauses certain features, like location-based features, background app refreshes, or email updates. In addition, you can eke out more battery life by turning off Wi-Fi; your phone burns through battery looking for a connection. Turn off cellular access to apps that don’t need it. Dim the screen brightness, and lastly, put the phone into airplane mode when you’re not using it.

Turn your phone off: It’s hard to entertain this idea. On one hand, you probably won’t be texting and dancing. But on the other, you’ll want to document everything on Snapchat so everyone can see how much fun you’re having. All we’re saying is, you might want to consider it.

Bring extra power: A lot of festivals don’t allow bags, and others limit the size of bags. For many, a spare battery just doesn’t seem important, especially when the size limit is roughly equivalent to that of a small purse or clutch. Look for small portable batteries that don’t take up a lot of spaceand may even fit in your pockets.

Bring a spare wall charger: There are, on occasion, public charging kiosks at festivals, which will usually have USB ports for you to plug into, even though they might be slow. Bring a charger that has a high wattage outputwhich will charge much faster if the kiosk has a normal electrical outlet. Vendors sometimes have space on their power strip as well. That way, you aren’t tethered to the kiosk for too long.

Like almost any situation, the key to staying charged at a music festival is preparation. And don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to buying a flip phone to stay charged.

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