February 8, 2019

The fastest chargers for your iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

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A lot has changed since the iPhone was first unveiled in 2007.

One thing has not: The white cube charger included in the box.

Even as Apple has painstakingly evolved just about every feature of the iconic smartphone, improving the display, removing the headphone jack and home button, the charger in the box remains a pedestrian 5-watt white cube.  

For years, we’ve known that iPhones are capable of much faster charging.

That holds true for the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. If you want to power them up as fast as possible, you’ll have to find a better charger than what comes in box.

As we do with every flagship phone that hits the market, we tested the 2018 iPhones with a number of chargers to find the fastest way for you to charge up.

The charts below show the charging times associated with these new iPhones. For the XR, XS and XS Max, we tested two Ventev chargers and compared the results with the performance of the Apple in-box charger.

For the tests, we start each phone at 5 percent charge and track the battery power level of the phone every 15 minutes for the first hour of charging. There’s an important reason why we do it this way. A phone is capable of charging at its fastest rate before it reaches about 75 percent capacity , then limits the amount of power it accepts as it approaches 100 percent battery. Therefore, the real advantage of a fast charger is best noticed in the first hour of charging.

And when you think about it, it just makes sense. If you need power fast, it’s probably because you are in the red zone.


As you can see, the 5-watt cube performed abysmally. Neither the iPhone XS Max, XS, or XR reached 50 percent charge after an hour. The Ventev wallport r1240 took all three phones above 70 percent within an hour. The 18-watt wallport pd1180, which uses USB Power Delivery, performed even better.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging has been a recent addition to the iPhone’s array of features. But wireless charging has a reputation for trading speed for convenience. When it comes to wireless charging, it’s great to be able to just set your phone down on a pad to charge, but it might be there for a while.

In our wireless charging tests, we compared our 15-watt wireless chargestand  and 10-watt wireless chargepad+ against each other.


The iPhone still has a top charging speed of 7.5 watts. That’s why you don’t see a huge difference between charging times with a 10-watt or 15-watt charger. While the charger is capable of charging faster, the phone won’t accept it.

The verdict

There’s a chance that Apple could update its phones to accept higher wireless charging speeds, so buying a 15-watt charger is a way to future-proof your charger purchase and ensure you’ll always get the fastest charging speed available.

If you want a full run-down on all of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR features, check out this blog post.

As always, stay charged everybody.

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