May 1, 2017

This charger can power your phone and your laptop

By [email protected] Topic: Chargers Tech Specs

You can now leave the house with one charger—ONE!—that’s powerful enough to fuel laptops, phones, tablets, and a host of other devices. This all stems from a new standard called Power Delivery that’s being rolled out for USB-C ports that are appearing in everything from the Google Pixel to the new Apple MacBook.

Laptops obviously draw more power than your phone, which is why you’ve had to use different chargers for different devices all these years. With Power Delivery, however, the same charger can power both devices at their optimal rates.

But not every USB-C charger can do that.

We know, it can be confusing. Thankfully, there is a new power brick certification program that is making the Power Delivery difference crystal clear. Our wallport pd1300 is now one of a select few that is USB Power Brick Certified, which means USB put it through its paces and certifies that it can deliver up to 45 watts. That’s enough to power any USB-C phone, tablet, or laptop on the market.

This is a big deal and another step toward the unified standard that USB-C promises.

The days of lugging around a bulky laptop charger and your phone’s power cube are numbered now that one charger can do both jobs all by itself.

For now, though, if you have a device compatible with Power Delivery, you’ll have to pick out which chargers are capable of that standard. Look for the USB Power Brick Certification logo, which gives you confidence that our wallport pd1300 can optimally charge all your Power Delivery devices.

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