Mission Statement

 The phone that doesn't charge fast enough, the frayed cable that only works if you hold it just right, not getting enough juice on your phone before you head out – all are inconveniences of our connected, modern life.

Ventev doesn’t believe they should be.
Instead, we believe in crafting a better charging experience.
We believe delivering products that charge faster (and faster), fit conveniently in your life and last a lifetime are all parts of your charging experience.
At our Ventevation (get it, Ventev + Innovation) labs in Maryland, USA our engineering team is in relentless pursuit of new power technologies.  Their goal is delivering fast-charging products engineered for life.  And their efforts are serious.  We know because we’ve seen their lab.  They have lot of testing machines.  Like, a lot, lot.  It is this commitment that made us the first brand to offer a USB-certified flat cable and launch Quick Charge and Power Delivery technologies.

We believe fast-charging power products should also fit seamlessly into your life.  This includes both aesthetically, how the product looks, and conveniently, how the product is designed for you.   It is this approach that led us to innovation like our Helix cable, the world’s most versatile cable designed for travel.

We believe your charging products should outlast your phone.  As a result, our products are built to last a lifetime.  Our commitment to durability can be seen in our product performance -  our patented 10 foot alloy cable lasts up to 100x longer than regular cables.

We know, 100x is a lot, like, a lot, lot.  It’s what we believe in - building better charging products.

And we are confident in our craft – that is why each and every one of our products is backed by a true lifetime guarantee.  If it breaks, we replace it.  It is as simple as that.

Staying connected is important to you.

Keeping you connected is important to us.


Building a better charging experience.