Durability is Sustainability

The longer a charging product lasts, the less waste that is generated replacing it. Products like our alloy cable last up to 100x longer than competitive products. If one million people switched from a normal power cable to our alloy cable it would save 220 tons of material over the life of one phone.

The Ventev brand believes in crafting a better charging experience. Part of that experience includes building products built to last.

Packaging Pledge

Starting with the launch of our recyclable cardboard packaging in 2023, the Ventev brand is committed to more sustainable materials for all of our packaging by the end of 2024.

New Ventev Packaging

Community Involvement

We believe environmental responsibility starts within our own communities, that is why the Ventev team volunteers for 4 community clean-up days a year. In addition to being a great team building activity, our efforts help improve the areas in which we live.

Picking Up Trash