ChargeSync Alloy USB A to USB C Cable - 4 ft
ChargeSync Alloy USB A to USB C Cable - 4 ft
ChargeSync Alloy USB A to USB C Cable - 4 ft

ChargeSync Alloy USB A to USB C Cable - 4 ft

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The Ventev 4ft chargesync alloy cables showcase an ultra-sleek, brushed aluminum housing and are braided with a high-tensile wrap, providing a premium finish and “no-fray” durability, and the reliable connection you need to stay powered up. The chargesync alloy A to C 2.0 cables are compatible with the newest USB-C devices, with both data transfer and charging capabilities of up to 3A. Designed to complement your device and comes with a Hook and Loop wrap for easy cable management. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Brushed alumnium housing
  • High tensile wrap provides a premium finish and ""no fray"" durability;
  • Cable wrap included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ventev Mobility warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with normal use during the lifetime of the device for which the product was purchased by the original end-user.

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Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed Quality

Lifetime Warranty

Ventev’s Lifetime warranty guarantees our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. If a product doesn’t perform as specified, we’ll replace it. Period.

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J. Henry

Performs as advertized

I use the cable in charging the phone and in transferring jpeg files to my computer

elizabeth A.

Durable, good length

Love this charger


Best cable I own

Awesome cable. Does not tangle, slip in your hand, and looks great!

S. Potter

Works Great

Great cable. My wife has used it for months and it works as good as new. The cable has a heavy duty feel to it. The C end stays firmly in the phone (an Axon). It also looks better than most cables. But this cable is a keeper because of the way it performs.

Adam C.

Not sure whether this is a good product. Still experimenting.

Though I haven't used this cable much, when I use it with my Amazon power plug to USB, it doesn't seem to fully charge my Samsung MOTO. Could be that I am not using it correctly, will only find out over time.

Scott S.

Great cable for your USB-C connections

Having extra charging cables is a must. The problem is most cables that are inexpensive typically break where the wire connects the end of the cable. This cable does have the protective mesh wrap that stops the kink from happening. This cable looks great and does get good speed with transfers. The cable is thicker than of a typical cable and that usually leads to less problems from too tight of a bend breaking the internal wires. I use the for my Samsung S8 and have had zero problems with data transfer of charging.

☮ S.Trasny

Looks And Feels Like It Can Take A Beating

From the look and feel of this Ventev Charge cable, especially its braided looking wrap, you can tell that it's premium. It definitely set my expectation that it was going to perform better than any USB / USB Type C cable I've tried yet. The add on of the very thoughtful cable hook and loop confirmed, in my mind, this cable's superiority. I'm a heavy user of my smartphone. Power / charge management has become routine. The time to recharge and the time to reach full capacity has become almost instinctual. I don't use the phone while it's charging so that it gets to 100% as fast as possible. My expectation was that the Ventev would shave some minutes off charging time. Unfortunately, after doing comparisons over the last two weeks, I have to report that the Ventev cable doesn't charge my smartphone any faster than the time it takes with my Belkin USB / USB C cable, which is rated as having 3a charging output and 480 Mbps data transfer speed. Most of my stuff auto syncs via wifi, so I don't use a cable much to transfer data. In a very unscientific experiment using each cable, I connected my phone and laptop and transferred a 1G file of pics. Neither was proved to be faster than the other. Charge and transferring times were ruled out as reasons to pay the premium price of the Ventev cable. (The Ventev is more than fifty percent more than the price of what I paid for the Belkin). If you look at cable prices, the Belkin is priced higher than many. I chose it because I've used cheaper cables and they seem to fail quicker. In fact, I haven't had a cable yet that hasn't had deteriorating performance. It's because cables get a lot of use and often develop unseen, internal damage over time. If buying the Ventev cable would mean I wouldn't have to replace it as soon, then it could actually be the one that's value priced. (If cable V costs $24 and performs at 100% for a full year and cable B costs $18 dollars and needs to be replaced after 6 months, then cable A is obviously the less expensive to use over time.) There's not a way for me to know right now. I will say that the Ventev feels more flexible. It's woven or braided looking wrap appears to be less likely to get crimped. For now, I will rate the Ventev cable 4 stars (it would have been 5 if it charged faster) and recommend it over others for its aesthetic appeal and my conclusion that it should perform at 100% longer. Time will tell. If it proves to not be so, I'll return as soon as I know and adjust the stars to 3.

♫ T.

Reliable, so far

I really like braided cables. They are so much more durable than most cables I don't know why. I don't really care how long they take to charge because the thing that I need that is uncharged, takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to charge anyway. One of my laptops only takes a USB-C. I know that is the direction this is all going but wonder why. And what will cause D to be invented so all the old cables have to be thrown away?


Very durable

Nice looking, sturdy, rugged cable. Works perfectly fine and should hands abuse and excessive use more so than typical rubber coated cables. There's extra protection at the ends so I don't expect it to crack or break by the plygs. Charging time seems fine. Not slower than the oem cables.

Alan B.

Good quality

I don't have a device that uses this cord. I didnt realize itwas the type of cord it is.I was packed nicely, and is of good quality. I appreciate a solid cord and this looks to be one.

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